What We Do

We work like butter, but better.
  • Core Activities

    ○ Offset Lithography
    ○ Flexography
    ○ Digital Printing
    ○ Screen Printing
    ○ LED UV
  • Products and Services


    ○ Branding on wood, canvas, cloth, books, paper, stationery & other items
    ○ Packaging and labelling.
    ○ Posters and signages
    ○ Labels, newsletters, menus and letters
    ○ Small and large signages, billboards, posters, vinyl banners
    ○ Wallpaper and murals
    ○ Floor graphics
    ○ Lamination
    ○ Fabric banners
    ○ Posters
    ○ Promotional/marketing freebies
    ○ Novelty items
    ○ Display shelfs & items
    ○ Toys or other gift products
    ○ Newsletters, posters, leaflets, magazines, catalogues, brochures and prospectuses
    ○ Stationery supply
  • More

    ○ Creative content & copy writing (both web and offline mediums)
    ○ Graphic designing
    ○ Website development (Business & Ecommerce)

Why do you need Print/Physical/Traiditonal ads, and branding, in a digital world?

☑ Trustworthy and authoritative, nobody is scrolling or using an AD-blocker on you.

☑ Personal touch and feel, literally.

☑ Easier to target wider audience and specific demographic

☑ Budget friendly and flexible: Fitting your budget by altering the dimensions, materials and methods.

☑ Higher response rate & return on investment

We are an advertising agency, specialized in print and physical ads. We incorporate creativity, research, design ideas and digital elements if required.

Do get in touch.

Your time is as precious to us as you are, and we have no intensions of wasting either.

Although, if the task at hand is beyond our capabilities and expertise we promise to be upfront (honest) about it, beforehand (in advance).

Kindly use these subject options for your inquiry:
You have a specific sample, idea, material type and design in mind, and all you need is for us to make it physical.

Creative Assistance
If you require our help and inputs in finalizing a rough idea or design in mind.

You are not sure where you stand / Inquiry about an unlisted product or service